Cute Baby Announcements



What is it? It’s a JPEG format printable baby announcement that includes all the important details you want your friends and family to know, including: Baby Name, Weight, Height, Date of Birth & Parent Names!

It comes in a light yellow and green color palette.  There is an adorable baby on the right that says it all! This is perfect for a baby announcement.

How to use it? Using your color copier, print them on 4R cardstock paper for best results. Just add the baby’s name, weight, height, date of birth, parent’s names and send!

Alternative method: If you don’t have a color printer just visit your local print and copy shop in your neighborhood. Speak to the staff at the print shop and tell them exactly how many copies you need. Also, be specific on the type of paper you would like them to use and exactly when your order will be ready.

Share: Make sure to share this amazing freebie with your friends and loved ones via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or your favorite social sharing site. This makes a great baby shower invitation and the best part is, its all free!

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